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Mia Michelle, affectionately known as Mamma Mia or Mia Mac, is a performing artist, educator, preacher and scholar of vast repertoire and ability. Born in New Orleans, LA, Mia tap danced her way onto the stage at the age of two, and began her love affair with music shortly after, studying classical piano, voice, and violin. She went on to study drama at Syracuse University, graduating magna cum laude with a BFA in Musical Theatre. Mia has showcased her theatrical talents across the country, most recently seen at St. Luke's Theatre-NYC, Portland Center Stage, Westchester Broadway Theatre, New York Musical Theatre Festival, North Shore Music Theatre, Fulton Theatre, and Syracuse Stage. [Resume]


A published songwriter, arranger, and composer, Mia is a proud member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). In addition to personal projects, she has written, arranged, and produced for various artists and performance groups, including Groovestand A Cappella and jazz-pop singer Lori Pasqualino, specializing in vocal arrangements and unique orchestrations. In January of 2012, Mia spearheaded the "Song About Peace Project", a campaign that led to the creation of Voices of Peace, an extended play album promoting peace and positive change through music. The album was released to iTunes in December of 2012, and is marked as Mia's first (and certainly not last) executive producer credit and public release. In August 2015, Mia produced and released AFTERSHOCK, followed by the release of Invincible in May 2016. She is currently producing her 2nd extended play album.


Additionally, Mia holds a Masters degree in Arts Politics from New York University, Tisch School of the Arts where she conceived and created a one-woman performance piece entitled Color Me.  She is currently a Master of Divinity candidate at Union Theological Seminary with a concentration in Psychology and Religion and a minor in Preaching and Worship. She has served in ministry at several congregations in New York, including First Corinthian Baptist Church, Renaissance Church, and currently, Fort Washington Collegiate Church. However, she is a proud ministry daughter of Christian Unity Baptist Church in New Orleans, Louisiana, founded by Rev. Dr. Dwight Webster. Ministry has been Mia's greatest gift and she looks for ways to integrate her spiritual calling with her professional performance life. Mia continues to interrogate ideas of blackness at the intersection of spirituality and performance in cultures founded in the African diaspora.  As an educator, she has worked with many youth across the country in fields ranging from musical theatre to pre-algebra and early physics. Her love for expanding young minds in unconventional ways stems from her belief that every child has a torch within and you can be that person that sparks a fire in their soul. 


Mia often speaks on her plethora of interests, gifts, and callings: "I have been on a never-ending journey to seek truth and speak life through the performing arts, arts education, and cultural activism. I often joke around, saying that today I am an actor, yesterday I was a singer, tomorrow I'll be a poet, on Sunday I'll be a minister, next week I'll be a teacher, and next year I'll be running for congress! My vast range of interests have laid the foundation for my creative research and critical investigation of arts and culture...Harry Belafonte once said, 'Art is invincible.' I believe that with the power of art, even the most desolate corners of the world will rise from invisibility to invincibility. You, like art, can be invincible."

Mia seeks to change lives--including her own--through music and the spoken word. She is passionate about Popeyes and banana pudding, and urges everyone to smile from the most genuine spot of their soul.

Mia is a proud member of the Actor's Equity Association and the Harlem Arts Alliance.